By: Harbinder Panesar

Landlords - Fire Code Compliance and Home Insurance

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Recently I was reading an article where a Landlord got charged for not Following up on FIRE CODE. He RENTED OUT ROOMS TO Different Tenants but did not Comply with Fire Code meaning that:

- The Smoke Detectors on the Rented Property Were not Working and Fire Caused Death of a Tenant.

For those who own a Rental Property whether it is a Condo or a House; please make sure the following measures have been taken:

- Working Smoke Detectors on Each Floor
Cabon Monoxide Detectors
Accessible Fire Route
INFORM your Insurance Company that you are Renting out the Basement, Condo or Each Room to Different Individuals.
When a New Tenant moves in make sure that Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors are checked.
- Ask tenants to have personal and contents insurance coverage before they move in.
- If you do Business from the basement; notify your insurance company.
- When you move into a new home; make sure you install new Smoke Detectors and have New Carbon Monoxide Detector.
- Even though it is landlord's responsibility. However, Tenants can also check out Fire Safety equipment since they going to live there for extra security and Report any issues to their Landlord.

Insurance company must be notified in any of these cases. They do not worry whether it is legal or illegal basement but they should know that someone is living in the basement. 

A lot of Homeowners buy properties to rent out either Rooms or Basement. 

IF you are also renting out your property or living in a rented home or basement; make sure everything for Fire Prevention and Fire Detection is in Proper order.